Terms & Conditions

It is important that you know:

  • All vehicles sold on this site are repossessions.
  • All vehicles are sold as is and sold with New York State Repo Papers.
  • We recommend that you have a mechanic look over the vehicle to estimate damages and necessary repairs.
  • In all cases, the vehicles are sold with an Affirmation of Repossession, Bill of Sale and Lien Release. This is standard procedure for New York State, but not an accepted procedure by all states. This Auction is recommend for New York State residents only. Registering a repossessed vehicle outside of New York may take several months to complete.
  • Bid retractions are allowed once per year before an auction reaches the 24 hour mark. After an auction has reached the 24 hour mark, bid retractions are no longer permitted. If you exceed more the one retraction per year, your account will be disabled. Your bid is a contract between you and the listing creator. If you have the highest bid you will enter into a legally binding purchase contract.
  • After winning bidder is determined they will have 24 hours to reply to any communication from Seller or next highest bidder will be contacted and so on until active buyer is found. Buyers failing to make payment arrangements will have their account suspended.
  • Vehicles must be removed within 48 hours after purchase.